Topics Include:
*Potential is NOT
*Lifestyle Changes
And more..
Topics Include:
*Self Assessment & Self Improvement
*Emotional Intelligence
*Cultural Intelligence
*Proper Conduct
*Empathy Training

Dynamic Curriculum Development

A Firm Foundation, Inc., along with our affiliates---offers a variety of Free Seminars on a range of beneficial topics that inform and inspire individuals to improve personally and professionally on all levels. In business and in life, it is our Level of Commitment that will determine how effective and successful we are, as our Attitude determines our Latitude.

Our Free Seminars are preludes to our Workshops which focus on our Duties to be performed and our Purpose that must be fulfilled. What follows a Curriculum is Instruction and Action. That action is application and practice because change is a process that requires CONTINUOUS EFFORT AND DILIGENT WORK.

For every topic discussed in our A Firm Foundation, Inc. seminars will be followed up with proactive, interactive Workshops. We will walk and work through exercises and lesson plans that will be practical, significant, and transferable from a curriculum setting and open discussion group to our personal lives and real world situations. Most of our topics are centered around Self Improvement and Business Development, offering consulting and training to Empower and Educate individuals and the community.

The fee for all A Firm Foundation, Inc. Workshops will be a $30 donation & registration fee per person, per class at the door and $25 for advance payments (Of which $5.00 is non-refundable). All proceeds will be re-invested in our non-profit efforts and commitment to accomplish our mission. Each workshop class will be three (3) hours in length and offered every other Saturday from 10am-1pm. Other dates and times are negotiable and we are willing to travel as well.

If you register as a Group of Three (3) or more Workshop Participants, the donation & registration fee will be reduced to $20 per person.

A Non-Refundable deposit of $5.00 is required to secure your registration per class and as a Level of Commitment. This $5.00 deposit will be deducted from the donation & registration fee as well. You can pay in person using  Credit/Debit payments on-site and we accept cash, postal money orders, and *checks. You can also pay online (Credit/Debit) at or and click on any Donation or PayPal button you see.

>>>Certificates of participation and/or completion will be handed out or mailed within 7-14 business days after completion, to the mailing address you provide.<<<

Please inquire about our A Firm Foundation, Inc. Lifetime Membership for F.A.C.T.S Certified Training and valuable membership discounts that come with increased options and opportunities for Empowerment and Employment. Make Money while Making a Difference!*There is a $25.00 charge for all returned, canceled, or bad checks.

**To accommodate the diverse group of individuals interested in our seminars and workshops, dates, times, fees, and services are flexible and subject to change. Please leave all current or updated contact information where you can be reached most conveniently.

Seminars  for  Success  &  Workshops  that  Work