"Our Seminars and Workshops are designed to stimulate dialogue, encourage critical & cognitive thinking, and to promote pro-social skills which leads to personal & professional development"

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"Developing the Skills for Informed Decision-Making"

From very early ages, we begin making decisions when faced with different choices, options, and opportunities. However, many of us were never taught how to make informed decisions. There is an art, science, and acquired skill to decision-making that allows us to make healthier choices, and to take a correct course of action which results in more productive and desired outcomes. The truth is, many of us have caused ourselves and others great pain, disappointment, and loss due to unhealthy choices, unwise decisions, and actions we later regret.

Together we will learn and discuss various steps in the process of decision-making that can be applied for personal growth and improvement along with professional development and promotion...A great benefit to parents, teachers, coaches, managers, bosses, community leaders, and anyone seeking to learn and pass on the value of how to make informed and wise decisions. 

Please join us for the awesome opportunity to network and build relationships with individuals and professionals in all walks of life. 

Topics & Discussions include:

  • Calibrating Your Moral Compass
  • Ethical & Legal Responsibilities
  • Critical & Cognitive Thinking
  • Consequences & Repercussions, Punishment & Rewards
  • Decisiveness in Times of Uncertainty
  • Corrective Action

When:May 2, 2015 Saturday
Where:1700 Blair St. Richmond, Va. 23220 (parking on street and side lot)
Time: 10:00 am - 12 Noon
Fee: $25 in advance or $30 at door
*Light refreshments, Certificates of Participation, Take-home workbooks, Networking.
**Seating is limited. Reserve your spot today!

For more information contact:
Wahid Shabazz at 804-317-8924 or shabazz@afirm1.com and www.afirm1.com