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Bio & Introduction
Wahid Shabazz  is a QMHP and Social Entrepreneur dedicated to helping others help themselves through Personal and Professional Development services as well as Prevention and Intervention Diversion programs. He is the Founder & Director of A Firm Foundation, Inc., which is a non-profit community outreach organization established to promote pro-social practices and develop community initiatives aimed to benefit society as a whole. Wahid is also the President & CEO of Shabazz Consulting Services, LLC which offers individual, group, and family counseling services to clients.

Mr. Shabazz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology along with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. He is currently enrolled in a CACREP accredited curriculum to receive his Master’s degree in General Mental Health Counseling. Prior experience includes but is not limited to extensive work with Reading is Fundamental (R.I.F), Shabazz Academy, United Parents Against Lead (UPAL), I Stand For Children, R.I.S.E program, People's Media Center, S.E.E.D Institute, and has transitioned from Crisis Specialist with NDUTIME Youth & Family Services to Compliance and Training Officer.

The mission is to help others help themselves and to increase options and opportunities for all. The goal is to help develop programs that will serve as alternatives to incarceration and recidivism. The vision is to help establish effective and successful Re-Entry initiatives and Transitional facilities that assist individuals and families who are striving to become self-sufficient and independent beyond incarceration, addiction, and any other obstacles that may hinder personal and professional growth and development.

As a former offender and recovering alcoholic who has turned his life around, Mr. Shabazz continues to work diligently towards constant improvement. Mr. Shabazz humbly believes it is his moral obligation and righteous duty to offer solutions to those still struggling. His message: “If I made it, so can others". As a father raising his six (6) children, including his youngest son with Down Syndrome, Mr. Shabazz focuses much of his time on youth development & empowerment initiatives to protect and elevate children from the negative influences and trappings of today's society. "It STILL Takes a Village to Raise a Child" is not only his mantra, but a blueprint for his youth program to provide right guidance to children, placing emphasis on teaching the youth how to make informed decisions. "Our future depends on our youth and how we teach and raise them"--W. Shabazz.

Please contact us for more information and find out how you can be a part of our outreach efforts to improve the quality of life within all of our communities...TOGETHER!

Wahid Shabazz, B.A., QMHP - Founder & Director of A Firm Foundation, Inc.