Welcome to A Firm Foundation, Inc.
EST. 2008 Serving the Greater Richmond, Va. Metro, Tidewater, Southwest Va., Northern Va., Washington, DC Metro, Maryland, Online and Abroad. A FIRM FOUNDATION, INC. is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to building and rebuilding relationships, both private and public. We specialize in Prevention and Intervention services that focus on individual needs and concerns, family and/or group sessions, as well as community outreach initiatives which will positively influence and benefit society on a whole… A Firm Foundation is building on the principles of Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Discipline, and Structure. 

Addressing Issues such as:
*Anger & Stress Management and Domestic Relations
*Substance Abuse and Addiction
*Bully Awareness and Peer Pressure
*Mental and Emotional Anguish
*Criminal and Gang Activity
*Alternatives to Incarceration and Re-Entry
And more…

"When we find common ground to stand on, we have A Firm Foundation to build upon"
A 5A© Foundation: Awareness*Assertiveness*Activism*Advocacy*Altruism

A Firm Foundation, Inc. A Non-profit community outreach organization

"A FIRM FOUNDATION: Helping To Build A Better and Brighter Future”

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